Saturday, April 21, 2007

Will we bomb Iran? An update.

One of General Wesley Clark's main concerns April 2 was that Bush may start bombing Iran, in view of Seymour Hersh's articles describing inside sources regarding plans already under way to prepare for that action. See his web site

I agree, and my view is that the key is Cheney and his neocon aides who are just as determined now to bomb Iran now as they were the the week after 9/11 to concoct the evidence and invade Iraq.

Citizens have been trying to divine whether Secretary Gates, perhaps slightly more realism-based, has whittled away any of Cheney's iron grip on foreign policy for the past 6 years, or is he a weak underling, as was Secretary (General) Colin Powell.

Now Bush and Cheney have invited three retired 4-star generals to be a "War Czar", perhaps a Cheney strategy to keep Gates under another firm hand for them. All three generals turned them down, despite Gen. Keane being one of the two co-authors of the new "surge in Iraq."

General Sheehan said that “they don’t know where the hell they’re going” according to the Washington Post on April 11, and that Cheney and his hawkish allies remain more powerful at the White House than the pragmatists.

This is the best indicator yet -- the likelihood that the US will start bombing Iran soon is therefore probably rather high.

Addendum: McCain’s shameful song “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” song of April 19, on YouTube, is pathetic pandering to the neocons, as he also panders to Falwell and Robertson, who he has previously decried as irresponsible. When candidates feel the presidency close, almost all lose their integrity, and even McCain who endured North Vietnam POW torture couldn’t resist. Sad.

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