Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why Do We Need Another Panel Show?

That's the basic question that we hope to answer with the creation of Democracy Matters. Our first show will be addressing that very issue and we hope to be able to discuss media in America, Michigan and locally. ICDP-TV will be using the facilities of the Mid-Michigan Area Cable Consortium to create the new half hour show. We hope to have some interesting guests joining our regular panelists and amplify our discussions and provide links from this site.

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Joel Welty said...

Yes, we do need more panel shows. We could stir up interest by picking topics for our discussion:
food production and distribution.
reducing energy demand while maintaining
our high standard of living.
changing the USA's imperial mentality.
very, very rich vs all the rest of us.
freedom in a Bush whacked world.
organizing education for a new world.
health care.